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The ultimate tennis training tool. Racquet Weight – Tennis Racquet Training Weight can be used to warm up or to develop your stroke power, control and consistency.

Add weight at the throat of the racquet which allows players to use virtually any player racquet in a variety of resistance training drills.  With the Racquet Weight, you can perform all tennis strokes and develop specific associated muscle groups.

The Racquet Weight can be used for shadow hitting, feeding drills or while hitting live balls with an opponent.

Players can also create various levels of resistance by combining the Racquet Weight to your own tennis racquet

Racquet Weight Will not damage racquet. Buy On Line Now.

Racquet Weight 



The heavy Racquet Weight is great for the stronger tennis player wanting to improve their game and for all players who want to stretch before they play.

Racquet Weight 



The light Racquet Weight is great for youth and amateur tennis players wanting to improve their game.

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