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“The Racquet Weight, unlike many other similar products, fits securely around the racquet increasing weight and adding air resistance. This aid allows you to effectively build muscle memory and increase racquet head speed. There are a wide range of drills which are both enjoyable and beneficial to players of all standards.”

– Hugo Allen, 
Managing Director
Connected Clubs Limited, UK


“The number one problem I have with most of my clients is their lack of follow through.  I have my clients use the Racquet Weight to warm up before every lesson.  I have them practice multiple different strokes to build strength and muscle memory.  I have seen improvement in all of my clients.”

– Greg, Tennis Pro
Dallas, TX


“Customer was discussing his difficulty with following through and his tendency to want to ‘aim’ his shot.  Randy (store owner) introduced the Customer to the Racquet Weight.  The Customer has come back into the store over and over excited to say that he no longer has a follow through problem – practicing his strokes with the Racquet Weight has created the strength, swing speed and muscle memory to no longer have a follow through issue.”

– Rackets ‘N Strings Customer
Plano, TX


“I first tested this out with our Denbury tennis group back in February.  We had about 4 people strap it on their racquet and swing a little with it including me.  Unfortunately we did this before I realized there were instructions.   
A few weeks later, I brought the Racquet Weight back out and practiced warming up with it as I was stretching.  What followed was a major break through in my tennis game– I now have a single handed backhand! 
 I’ve been trying to convert from a double to single handed backhand for the past year.  I have never been able to hit it consistently to develop any confidence using it.  That week I suddenly developed the consistency and I believe the Racquet Weight played a major role!  Where it helped me was with my swing speed.  I was able to get the racquet around in time where before I would be late.”

– Phil, Tennis Player
Allen, TX


“I grew up playing a TON of baseball so this concept is not new to me. However, I cannot help but wonder WHY it took someone so long to come up with this idea for tennis.”

– Tim Strawn
Executive Director
International Alliance of Racquet Technicians


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